Troy University Keeping Safe

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After Thursday’s shooting at NIU, security officials at local colleges are wondering what they can do to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

Valerie Lake is a freshman at Troy University and says one of the draws that brought her to the school was its security. "There was a lot of officers walking around and patrolling and you see them and they’re easy to talk to and they’re really fun."

Lake said Thursday’s events were tragic and are happening too often. However, she says she feels safe with the steps Troy is taking.

Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves said, "We've taken a number of steps since the Virginia Tech incident and we continue to try to modify those and continue to reexamine those."

Reeves says the university is constantly working to keep students and faculty safe.

What once was banned in the classroom could now be one of the best information gateways in any emergency situation.

Reeves explains, "We have implemented what is called E-2 campus, which is a text message system."

The system is available at all Troy campuses and sends out a text message in any possible dangerous situation.

The university is also working heavily with the police department and holds mock emergency scenarios each semester.

Reeves says though you can't predict what may happen in the future, the measures the school is taking leaves students like Lake feeling much safer.

Students interested in receiving the E-2 emergency text messages can go to their campus they are attending and submit their information.

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