Mike West Continues Work to Improve Downtown Area

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Even though Dothan City Manager Mike West is unsure if his contract will be renewed, he is still actively working to improve Dothan.

The city manager's continuing project; the revitalization of downtown was given much attention during Friday’s media briefing.

"All over America there's been revitalization of downtowns and they have become sources for entertainment, shops," West said.

Businesses like the Bistro and Foster Street Cafe make downtown lively, but it needs more.

Continuing efforts are made by local organizations and the city, but West is willing to push it harder. "What we've got to do is convince the city commissioners here that we need to make our downtown pedestrian friendly," he said.

A busy downtown means less crime on the streets; criminals can't get away with much if there are a lot of people around.

“I’ve walked downtown alone on a Tuesday night, and part of your fear is, you are the only one on the street," West added.

Other projects for the city include bridge work at Englewood and South Park and the Westgate Parkway maintenance.

"The project is going to take about 18 months and cause a lot of inconvenience," West concluded.

There are plans of creating more parking facilities, more green space, and moving the library downtown; all things the public needs to support in order to pass funding.

At their next meeting, Dothan City commissioners will vote whether to extend West's contract for two more years.

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