Gas Wars

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Several Rogersville gas stations have dropped fuel prices, creating long lines of eager customers and prompting complaints by other stations that can't keep up.

And while the lower prices, some as low as a $1.88 per gallon, are a welcome sight to drivers, Lauderdale District Attorney Chris Connolly warns that the cuts may not be legal under the state's Motor Fuel Act.

Connolly said the law prohibits retailers from selling gas for less than what they paid for it to ensure fair competition and avoid fuel monopolies. He has sent letters to eight gas stations in the area advising them of the law.

The Rogersville gas race began last Wednesday when the Fuel King gas station on US 72 offered unleaded gas for a dollar-99 per gallon.

As of Monday, the Fuel King brought the price back up to a $1.99.

Arlene A. Alexander, executive vice president of the Petroleum and Convenience Marketer of Alabama, said gasoline wars are uncommon these days. However, she said the low prices may be in violation of the fuel act.

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