Preventive Health Hazards Policy

It has been six months since the scabies outbreak infected more than 30-inmates at the Houston County Jail.

And a new policy is now in place to prevent health hazards like this from happening again.

Keeping jail inmates free of anything from colds to staff infections is an ongoing problem. So the Houston County Sheriff's Department is taking a preventative approach for visitors as well.

Along with hair and nail-length requirements, the policy rules out any "special" visitor hairstyles.

Inmates will also be required to shower and shampoo, and change their clothes daily.

Sheriff Lamar Glover says the ranking sergeant on duty will perform inspections as needed and any inmate found not complying with the policy will be disciplined accordingly.

The disciplinary action ranges anywhere from revoking privileges to lock-down in order to prevent them from mingling with the "clean" inmates.