Wendy's Finger

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The mother of the man whose fingertip ended up in a bowl of Wendy's chili says he used the mangled digit to settle a $50 debt.

Police in California have given few details, except to say the finger came from a co-worker of Anna Ayala's husband. She's the woman who claimed she found it in her food.

Now, a woman tells the San Francisco Chronicle it was her son who worked with Ayala's husband, and lost his finger in a truck mishap.

She said her son thought the fingertip was "cute" to show around to people at work. She added that the 36-year-old had money problems, and owed Ayala's husband $50. She says the fingertip settled the debt.

Meanwhile, the woman accused of planting the finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili returns to court in California Thursday. She's trying to get her bail reduced.