Alabama's Whiskey

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Alabama's official state whiskey, Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, cannot be purchased at state ABC stores because the founder admitted violating liquor laws.

Despite the liquor's fall from grace, the Legislature ended it regular session late Monday night without removing the bourbon's official designation.

The House did pass a resolution early in the session to repeal the official designation, but the Senate took no action.

Emory Folmar, administrator of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, said he plans to keep the ban on sales intact.

Jim Preuitt, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, said the resolution was one of about 200 non-controversial resolutions that died in his committee because filibusters and stalling tactics in the Senate.

Company President Wes Henderson said that even though Conecuh Ridge is no longer available in Alabama due to the ban, it is being sold in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia. He expects to add the Florida Panhandle soon, which will make the Troy-based product available on Alabama's borders.