Soldier Mom's Call-Suspension

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A high school junior in west Georgia has been suspended for ten days for refusing to end a cell phone call to his mother who is a soldier in Iraq.

Kevin Francois, a 17-year-old student at Spencer High School in Columbus, says he was suspended for disorderly conduct Wednesday after a confrontation. He says the confrontation began when he was told to give up his cell phone at lunch during the call.

His mother, Sergeant First Class Monique Bates, left in January for a one-year tour and serves with the 203rd Forward Support Battalion, Third Brigade, Third Infantry Division.

Francois has been living with a guardian in Columbus since her deployment overseas.

Francois got the call from his mother at 12:30 p.m., which he says was his lunch break. He said he went outside the school building to get a better reception. A teacher who saw Francois on his phone told him to hang up. He refused.

The Muscogee County School District Board of Education's policy says students are allowed to have cell phones in school, but cannot use them during school hours.