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A former security chief at HealthSouth provided jurors with a detailed description about an elaborate web of protection around its headquarters and longtime chief Richard Scrushy.

Jim Goodreau said the company installed hidden surveillance cameras and conducted sweeps for listening devices.

Testifying Thursday at Scrushy's trial on corporate fraud charges, Goodreau said that more than 100 cameras were installed around HealthSouth's campus. He said no electronic bugs were ever found.

Yesterday, Goodreau testified that former finance chief Bill Owens told him that Scrushy knew nothing about accounting problems at HealthSouth.

He also said people had made numerous threats toward Scrushy, resulting in measures including two armored sport utility vehicles for his family.

Defense attorneys blames the fraud on Owens and 14 other one-time HealthSouth executives who pleaded guilty and are cooperating with prosecutors.