Florida Meth Labs

Federal Drug Enforcement agents spent most of Wednesday investigating one of the largest meth operations ever discovered in Florida.

Several large bottles full of a crystal form of methamphetamine which is the purest form of meth called "ice" were discovered.

Working on a tip, Holmes County Sheriff's Department officials discovered a meth factory at a rural Bethlehem Community home. There were five separate labs producing the highly addictive narcotic, it even included a decontamination shower for the cookers':

The suspects were not inside at the time of the raid, but authorities say evidence indicates that much of the drug was transported along the Interstate to places as far away as Tampa and Mobile.

Most home labs produce anywhere from four-to-six grams of meth a day, this one was producing pounds.

Archie and Grace Truett live down the street. They said something was up, strange vehicles would pass at all hours of the day and night.

If and when those who produced the drug are caught, they can expect to face federal drug manufacturing charges.

Agents in Atlanta say the break-up of the super lab in Holmes County should have a dramatic effect on the meth trade in the Tri-States.