Kyles Stands Before Judge

Steven Antonio Kyles stood before Judge John Steensland and indicated that he did indeed fire his weapon at both victims, leaving one dead and the other wounded.

Kyles stook before the judge and said it was an accident.

He is now facing felony murder charges for shooting 30-year-old Alonza "Ashley" Nickson early Sunday morning and could also be charged with attempted murder for shooting the other wounded victim.

Just days before this incident, he had been released on bail for a separate situation where police say he discharged a gun in a house with people inside.

Police also say he didn't have a permit for the 9-mm or the .38 pistol used in those two incidents.

And today, Kyles requested that the judge let him out on bond again.

Steensland’s reply to Kyles was "What's the court to think about this? You want all these gratuities and here you have two occasions in the past month. Here you have guns and you're discharging the guns. I’m real concerned about that. Then you want to get back out on the streets?"

His bond was denied.

His bail hearing is set for 2 p.m. Monday afternoon with a court-appointed lawyer.

District Attorney Doug Valeska told News 4 that it is unknown at this point whether this case qualifies as a "hate crime." But all matters are still under investigation.