Doster Interview

He wants to come back to Alabama. That’s just one of the things Oscar Doster talked about in an exclusive interview from his jail cell in Bakersfield, California.

Doster is now facing charges in three states: California, where he is now, Texas, where he's accused of killing a man, and Alabama, where it all started with an escape from the Covington County Jail.

In November of 2002, Oscar Roy Doster escaped from the Covington County Jail in Andalusia. Then at the end of March 2005, he escaped from the same jail a second time. Doster says he just followed fellow inmates James Darren Harnage and Darryl Ray Henry.

Henry was found the next day near Pensacola. Police caught up with Harnage in Las Vegas three weeks later. And Doster has been on the run since the March 31st escape.

Police say while Doster was traveling cross country with Harnage, the pair killed a retired Louisiana law enforcement officer in Texas and stole his truck.

Two-thousand miles later, Doster and Harnage had split up and Doster crashed the ATV he was riding in California.

After the accident, Doster says he walked to a gas station requesting medical attention for his injuries. He was arrested moments later.

Doster denies killing anyone.

Police in California say Doster did not resist arrest when they caught up with him.

Now they are trying to decide whether to send him to Texas, leave him in California, or extradite him back to Alabama.

Sheriff Anthony Clark says improvements to the Covington County Jail are now underway to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

Ironically, Doster now wants to return to the same jail from which he escaped.

Doster says he was on his way to Canada when he was caught. He is currently facing the death penalty.

Doster was serving time for another crime when he escaped in 2002. While on the run from that escape, investigators say he killed a Gantt resident.