Covington County Jail Escapees Extradicted

Two escapees from the Covington County jail will be brought back to Alabama, but authorities in Texas still want them for capital murder.

Oscar Doster and James Harnage escaped from the Covington County Jail on March 31st. 56-year-old Dennis Courtney was shot to death in Oakwood, Texas, seven days later. Doster wrecked Courtney's four wheeler before he was arrested in California. Harnage had the dead man's truck when he was picked up in Las Vegas.

Covington County District Attorney Greg Gambril recently met with Texas authorities. He says Doster wll be brought back to Alabama within the next ten days. Harnage is supposed to be in prison for auto theft. The Alabama Department of Corrections will be responsible for bringing him back. Authorities still plan to charge the escapees with capital murder in Texas.