Unregistered Sex Offenders Located

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On Thursday night, News 4 aired pictures of two convicted sex offienders that Dothan Police were looking for. However, Ronnie Cole and Jack Thomas are no longer on the run, because viewers who saw the newscast called police to let them know of the two men's whereabouts.

Jack Thomas was found just north of Dothan in Bullock County, Alabama. Police say he did not register as a sex offender in accordance with the Community Notification Act. Ronnie Cole was located in Jackson, Alabama, which is just west of Dothan. He was in jail for previous charges against him. Cole failed to go to court after not registering. He, also, had a warrant for his arrest in Dothan. The Dothan Police Department is cooperating with law enforcement in those areas.

While the Community Notification Act of 1997 made it mandatory for convicted sex offenders to register where they live, there are sexual predators who are not on the list. Juvenile sex offenders are not listed, and neither are sex offenders and predators who were convicted before 1997.

In the Panama City area, 16 of the 91 registered sex offenders cannot be found. Police are asking for help from the public to locate them. To see their pictures, go to the home page of this website and click on the sex offender icon. You can also do a search of databases in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia to see if a sex offender lives near you.