Police Identify Body Found on Highway 431

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Authorities are still searching for answers Monday afternoon, after the body of a man was found on Highway 431 in Barbour County.

Amidst Monday’s early morning fog, drivers in Barbour County heading north bound discovered an uncommon sight on the side of the road.

Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram said, "A little after five o'clock this morning our dispatcher received a call of a possible body beside the highway here at 431."

Deputy Chief Ingram with the Barbour County Sheriff's Office says eye witnesses called 911 about 36-year-old Jeffery McCalip. "We feel he was not struck by a car as previously reported, but his death is a suspicious circumstance," he added.

Chief Ingram says when deputies arrived on the scene they first believed he had been dead for only a short while.

Chief Ingram said they, "Found a white male, 36-year-old; he was still warm, but he was found not to be alive."

Authorities say McCalip was from the Oxford area.

They say he called his wife sometime around 4AM Monday morning letting her know his vehicle had broken down.

Authorities say Monday morning’s incident is an uncommon occurrence and are working with others to help find answers in the victim’s death.

Chief Ingram said, "It's being investigated by the Barbour County Sheriff's Department, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and right now, the body is being sent to Montgomery for an autopsy to determine the cause of death."

Officials noticed suspicious marks on McCalip’s body and are waiting on the autopsy report to rule out any possibilities.

"There's some stuff we found suspicious and you know, it's going to be investigated further,” Chief Ingram concluded. “You know, [doing] the autopsy will help us determine the cause of death.”

Coroners have the body and are now waiting for the state forensics team to determine the official cause of death.

Authorities say they are treating this case as a homicide.

They say it should be a couple of days before they know the exact cause of death.

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