Army Rape Trial Ends With Acquittal

An Army officer has been acquitted by a military judge at Fort Rucker of raping a soldier in her barracks' room at a Mississippi post.

35-year-old 1st Lieutenant Mike Hall has also been acquitted on an adultery charge. However, he was convicted of having sex without informing his partner that he had genital herpes.

Hall, of Nashville, Tenessee, testified Wednesday in his court-martial that a night of dancing, flirting and kissing led to consensual sex last August. But 26-year-old Jennifer Dyer, a former 1st Lieutenant, accused Hall of rape. Hall's defense argued that Dyer made the claim to avoid being deployed to Iraq.

The Judge sentenced Hall on the sexual transmission charge. He ordered Hall to forfeit one thousand dollars of his monthly pay for four months. The judge says Hall will also receive a written reprimand.