Dairy Fresh Accident

Two men were killed in an on-the-job accident near Cowarts, and OSHA has been called in to investigate.

The incident at the Dairy Fresh Corporation on Highway 84 East of Dothan happened about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Dothan Fire Department Captain Ed Roberts said a father and son were painting a storage tank.

The son was in a hydraulic lift when the boom made contact with some near-by electrical wires. He was either knocked from the lift or he jumped. He landed near the base of the machine and his father, who was on the ground, was electrocuted when he tried to pull his son to safety.

The motor of the lift caught fire from an electrical spark and both bodies were burned.

The victims are identified as Charles Myers and his son, Eric both of Cowarts.

Houston County Sheriff's Department Commander Bill Land said OSHA is in charge of the ongoing investigation.