Fort Rucker Trial

The trial of an Army officer accused of rape is underway in Fort Rucker.

The crime allegedly happened on August 8th in the victim's room at Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Thirty-five-year-old Army Lieutenant Mike Hall is being accused of raping 26-year-old Army Lt. Jennifer Dyer while they were training at Camp Shelby.

While Dyer claims the incident was rape, Hall says it was consensual.

Victor Kelley, Hall's attorney, says Dyer made the story up because she did not want to be deployed to Iraq.

Kelley says, "After several days of motion practice that was held several weeks ago, the government began this case with two witnesses. We concluded the second witness this afternoon late. There are some legal issues the judge is considering, the government will continue with theirs tomorrow, we will anticipate the defense will be in a position to begin our case probably tomorrow afternoon."

Since all of this occurred, Dyer has gotten married and has been honorably discharged.