Rudolph-Lone Bomber?

Eric Rudolph Confesses
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For many, his guilty plea has brought an end to the case of admitted bomber Eric Rudolph. But there are some who still question whether Rudolph committed his crimes, or hid out in the North Carolina mountains, without help, despite his claim that he never had any help.

Diane Derzis owned an abortion clinic in Birmingham that was bombed in 1998. She says she doesn't understand how Rudolph knew so much about the clinic's hours and operations from the short observation time he described.

Authorities say they understand that some details of the bombings in Atlanta and Alabama, and of Rudolph's years on the run in western North Carolina, will never be known unless Rudolph chooses to tell.

But federal prosecutor Michael Whisonant says the story Rudolph told was credible, and there's simply not a shred of evidence he got any help.