Lunsford Murder

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State prosecutors for the Jessica Lunsford murder case say the 9-year-old girl was raped, tied up and buried alive. They say she was kneeling and clutching a purple stuffed dolphin.

Jessica Lunsford's body was found March 19th buried about 150 yards from her house in Homosassa, about 60 miles north of Tampa.

According to 292 pages of documents, Jessica was found wearing
shorts and a shirt - different from the pink nightgown her family said she was wearing when they reported her missing February 24th.

The state attorney's office says the body was wrapped in two plastic trash bags knotted at her head and feet in a grave covered by a mound of leaves.

The coroner's office says Jessica died of asphyxiation.

A convicted sex offender, John Evander Couey, is charged in her slaying.