Dothan Personnel Board

Time is running out to repeal Dothan’s Civil Service Act.

Dothan City Commission met Monday to hand over changes on the resolution to local legislators. But, lawmakers want more done before they vote on changing the 1947 Act.

Monday morning Dothan City Manager Mike West released changes to the personnel rules the commission has been working on since December.

West said the only difference is the employee grievances will now go before the personnel board made of city employees and department heads under the city manager.

The purpose for the meeting was to get the changes to representatives so they could push it through this Legislative Session.

However there was a problem, neither city employees nor the public have had a say in the changes yet.

Lawmakers advised the city manager to hold a meeting with the entire commission to listen to city employee ideas before they push for the resolution to change the personnel board rules. But, there is concern that with only five days to get it passed in Montgomery, that they are running out of time.

Dothan city officials have decided to hold a series of public hearings this week on the proposed changes. The first meeting is set for this morning, immediately following the Dothan City Commission Meeting.