Ozark Murder

One man is dead and another is in custody after a murder that took place in Ozark.

It all started around 8 o'clock Friday night when Larrison “Larry” Christian visited the Wagon Wheel Trailer Park.

21-year-old Adam James would get into an argument with Christian.

A friend to James said “next thing I knew, Adam was running back in telling me he had stabbed someone and that it was self defense."

After being stabbed in the chest, Christian was taken to the Dale Medical Center where he was immediately pronounced dead.

James had been living with a friend in the trailer park for the past few months. According to his friend, James and Christian got into a fight over a woman who also lived in the same trailer park. It wasn't the first time the two men had argued.

Christian’s friend doesn't agree that it was self defense, but one thing they do agree on is that the woman they were fighting over was in their words "trouble".

Since the murder, someone has vandalized the woman's car and belongings.

According to Ozark Police, the motive at this point appears to be domestic-related. James has been charged with murder and is currently in the Dale County Jail under no bond. Investigators will meet at the Dale County District Attorney's Office today.