Tax Day Deadline April 15

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The lines at Alabama post offices probably will be long, that's because April 15 is here. A busy day for thousands of Alabamians who have put off filing their federal and state taxes for the very last minute.

In cities and towns across the state, postal workers will set up special collection points until midnight.

The IRS says rushing to meet the deadline can cause errors, often very simple ones such as neglecting to sign your return or bungling your Social Security number.

The National Taxpayer's Union estimates it takes almost 27 hours to prepare the Form 1040 and its most common supporting schedules.

Remember, if you need more time, you can always get a four-month extension from the IRS by submitting Form 4868.

But that only buys you more time to file your return. Any money that's owed is still due Friday.

And, if you need last minute assistance, the IRS offers free online filing. GO TO: and click on "Free File".