Scrushy Trial

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Jurors got a photographic tour of Richard Scrushy's lavish toys today, including a nearly $330,000 Rolls Royce, a 42-foot boat and other assets that prosecutors say he bought with money made from a more than $2 billion fraud at HealthSouth.

Government consultant William Bavis testified that the fired chief executive purchased seven vintage cars, plus three bronze yard statues of horses and bears. The price tag was nearly $303,000.

Jurors were not shown a photo of the 21.8-carat diamond ring Scrushy bought for $370,000 for his wife.

While Federal Judge Karon Bowdre repeatedly has told jurors the trial isn't about Scrushy's wealth, she overruled defense objections and let the jury see photos of his riches.

Bavis testified that much of the money that Scrushy used to buy the expensive items came from bonuses and other income he made from HealthSouth.

Defense lawyers contend that subordinates committed the fraud on their own and lied to Scrushy to conceal it. 15 former Healthsouth executives have pleaded guilty in the conspiracy.