American Kidnapped

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There's a yellow ribbon tied around a tree in front of Jeffrey Ake's (ayks) Indiana home.

Family and friends are waiting for some news of the businessman who apparently was kidnapped by Iraqi militants Monday.

The mayor of LaPorte, Indiana, says Ake's relatives are "coping as well as they possibly could." Mayor Leigh Morris tells C-B-S that Ake's entire hometown is praying for the safe return of a "wonderful young man."

Business associates say Ake is an advocate of international business travel who was trying to help postwar reconstruction in Iraq. They say he was installing water bottling equipment while on a second business trip to Iraq in two years.

American embassy officials say Ake was snatched from a treatment plant near Baghdad. A videotape aired by Al-Jazeera television shows Ake held at gunpoint, holding what looks like a photo and a passport.