Florala Police Chief Resigns

A law enforcement officer's sudden departure has caused a public outcry in one Wiregrass city.

A large crowd packed the Florala City Council Chambers Monday night in support of the police chief.

Many business owners believe Chief Davidson is resigning under pressure from the mayor.

Earlier this year, Florala Police Chief Caleb Davidson was placed on family medical leave. Then at Monday night's Florala City Council Meeting, Chief Davidson said he would resign from his position.

Several sources tell News 4 that Chief Davidson and Mayor Danny Franklin had several disagreements and art gallery shop owner Judy Burton says the chief was given a "raw" deal.

We were unsuccessful in reaching Mayor Franklin.

Business owner Debbie Stokes says it's a shame though, she says Davidson had the respect of the community and the young people:

At this time, former Coffee County Sheriff's Investigator Mark Anderson has been placed in charge of the Florala Police Department.

A city spokesman says once Davidson "resigns" in writing, they'll begin to seek applications for a new chief.

News 4 contacted former Chief Davidson and he said he is grateful for the community support while he served the position.