Sex Offender Notification

The Coffee County Sheriff's Department is trying to keep their residents informed if there is a registered sex offender living near them.

There are some 55 known sex offenders living in Coffee County.

With flyers in hand, Coffee County Sheriff's Department personnel fan across this Kinston neighborhood of a registered sex offender

In addition, authorities make sure the sex offender is living at the address he gave to authorities.

In a neighborhood where children ride bikes and play outside their home, residents are informed of a man convicted of sexual abuse and it's a sobering experience for some.

Residents say they are happy that officials are taking the time to let them know.

In wake of last month's tragic murder of a South Florida girl at the hands of a convicted sex offender, sheriff's personnel are traveling to the homes and neighborhoods of each registered sex offender in Coffee County.

It’s considered a Class C felony for any criminal sex offender to violate Alabama’s community notification act.

News 4’s Mike Gurspan spoke to several people who say they are upset to learn whose living next door to them, but happy with the sheriff's department letting they at least know so they can take precautions with their children.