Alabama Recount

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The Alabama Supreme Court has set a rapid schedule for deciding whether to block Gov. Don Siegelman's attempts to get a statewide recount over Republican Bob Riley's 3,117-vote lead.

Clerk Bob Esdale said, the Supreme Court will start taking legal briefs on Monday and hear arguments from both sides on Thursday morning.

Siegelman's supporters have petitioned for a recount in every county under a state administrative regulation approved by the U.S. Justice Department earlier this year.

Riley's attorneys and Republican Attorney General Bill Pryor maintain that a 1953 state law prohibits sealed ballots from being opened except in limited circumstances, and Siegelman's recount request is not one of them.

Only eight of the justices -- seven Republicans and one Democrat -- will hear the legal dispute.

Republican Chief Justice Roy Moore has stepped aside from the case because he participated in the Riley campaign and clashed with the Siegelman administration over funding for the court system.

So far, no county has conducted a recount.