Sex Offenders Website

Major concerns have been expressed since Jessica Lunsford was murdered by a convicted sex offender in Florida.

By law, convicted sex offenders must register in the communities they live.

There are more than 50 sex offenders in Houston County, and more than 20 in Dothan. With people constantly moving from state to state, one would ask, how does law enforcement keep tabs?

All convicted sex offenders are required to register with their state and people can check on sex offenders through a Web site.

WTVY News Reporter Debra Tuff decided to do some research of her own and went to the Website. She then went to one of the addresses listed and was surprised to find one sex offender living next door to a young child, a couple of houses down another sex offender.

Sex offenders are prohibited to live across from schools, however, they can live in a neighborhood where their may be a home that has children living next door.

This is where the Community Notification Act comes into play. Residents have all the access to sex offenders, but it’s just whether they use it or not.

But what happens if people are doing their jobs and sex offenders don't register annually like they're supposed to?

Judge Lawson Little tells us “it's a Class C Felony, they could be in jail between one to ten years, or it cost them up to $5,000.”

If you want to learn whether registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood, go to the Alabama Department of Public Safety's Web site at