Jackson County Flooding

Most of the weather is clear in the Wiregrass, but some roads in Jackson County have not.

Most of the water has receded from the roads, but they still have about five routes that are closed.

One of the worst is Highway 167, which cuts off to Panama City.

Jackson County’s EMA director says the water on that road is around four-to-five feet deep in certain places.

He also issues this warning, “I do want to warn people that if they do see water across the road do not even attempt to go across, I don't care if they think they have a vehicle that will do it, they don't know what's under that water and they don't know what's beyond that and they may lose a vehicle."

The Chipola River in Marianna “was” expected to crest at about 21 feet Tuesday, now officials are saying it will only rise to around 18 feet.