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University of Alabama officials are trying to curb student drinking by urging the City of Tuscaloosa to restrict operating hours at businesses selling alcohol, including some popular bars.

Interim Alabama President Barry Mason urged action by the city council in helping the university shed its reputation for all-night partying.

Mason said the council should consider passing a city law that would restrict operating hours for local bars and establish cut-off times for selling alcohol in stores.

Currently many local bars stay open throughout the night, although alcohol sales are banned in Tuscaloosa on Sundays.

The city's legal department did a survey of laws concerning alcohol sales in every other city that is home to a Southeastern Conference school. Every city has a cut-off time for alcohol sales, ranging from midnight to 3 a.m.

Authorities said during the first 10 months of the year, 357 minors were charged with underage possession of alcohol by a special task force focused on The Strip area near campus.

Mason also wants the city council to restrict low-priced alcohol, or "Happy Hour" specials. Mason said those specials encourage so-called binge drinking.

A task force studying student drinking is expected to issue its report next month.