Missing Opp Woman

The body of an Opp woman missing for more than two years was found last night.

Authorities were led to the remains by a man suspected in her disappearance.

On Feb. 24, 2003, a distraught Marcellous Evans drove around in Susie Phillips’ car, burying her on County Road 437 right outside of the Daleville, Alabama city limits on Tri-County Gun Club property.

Reportedly, they were in a domestic dispute and they began to fight and a physical altercation occurred and he hit her on the head four or five times with his fist and she dropped to the floor.

According to an admittance statement given by Evans to police, he and Phillips had gone to buy crack cocaine and pain medications, but when she wanted more and he didn't, one thing led to another. He hit her, but claims he didn't mean to kill her.
However, the family of Susie Phillips was suspicious of Evans involvement in her disappearance the entire time.

Three days before the murder, Evans had already been charged with criminal mischief and domestic assault after he ran Phillips’ car off the road. He was put in the Covington County Jail but after making bond he returned to the site and covered up the rest of her remains

As a part of the plea agreement Evans took authorities to the burial site and will face manslaughter charges. He could be sentenced sometime next week.