Sexual Predators

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A House panel has moved a bill to track sex offenders.

The bill was approved unanimously today (Wednesday) by the House Criminal Justice Committee.

It's named the Jessica Lunsford Act for the little girl from Homosassa whose body was found March 19th.

The man accused of her murder was a registered sex offender who
was on probation at the time.

The bill was sponsored by Representative Charlie Dean who is the former sheriff of Citrus County where Jessica lived.

It would require global positioning or other electronic monitoring of people who are on probation or some other form of conditional release if they committed certain sex crimes.

The measure only applies to people convicted of those crimes in the future, not those sex offenders already in the community.

The bill also creates a new requirement that juries and judges consider whether someone was a sexual predator as an aggravating factor in their sentencing in certain cases.