Johnnie Cochran Dies

Famous attorney Johnnie Cochran, who was a partner in a law firm here in Dothan, died Tuesday of brain cancer in Los Angeles.

Johnnie Cochran was lead attorney of the dream team in the so-called trial of the century, combining charisma with legal expertise and ultimately getting an acquittal for his famous client, O.J.Simpson.

By the end of the Simpson trial, Cochran reached his own level of stardom and launched his own nationwide civil law practice. In 1998, he opened a firm here in Dothan, where his partners say they lost more than a lawyer.

In recent months, Cochran has suffered the effects of a brain tumor, often checking in and out of a Los Angeles hospital.

He kept his illness low-key until last September to protect his privacy and the operation of his law offices.

Over the span of his 40-year career, Cochran had a long history of working civil rights cases and gained accolades as an advocate of victims of police abuse. He died Tuesday with his wife and two sisters by his side.

Johnnie Cochran was 67 years old.