Alabama Governor Recount

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Alabama's last two long-drawn-out disputed elections turned into landmark victories for the Republican Party, which is why some Democrats are concerned how far Governor Don Siegelman will go in challenging his 3,117-vote deficit against the GOP's Bob Riley.

Siegelman and Riley have been going about their daily activities as if they won.

Siegelman spokesman Rip Andrews said the governor's legal team is considering his options, which include going into court or possibly calling the Legislature into special session to hear an election contest.

But House Democratic leader Demetrius Newton of Birmingham said yesterday involving the legislature would be disastrous. He said the Legislature, 89 Democrats and 51 Republicans would draw political battle lines that would make it difficult to resolve any issues during the next four years.

Senate President Pro Tem Lowell Barron of Fyffe, said he's not taking sides in the dispute, but he hopes Siegelman keeps it out of the Legislature.