Sexual Offender History

Amber Alert Suspect John Couey
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New details about the abduction and slaying of a nine-year-old girl from Citrus County.

Authorities say the registered sexual offender who confessed to snatching Jessica Lunsford from her bedroom a month ago once worked at her school.

John Couey is charged with capital murder in the girl's death.

Investigators say the 46-year-old Couey has a long history of inappropriate contact with children.

Officials recently released tapes following a 1991 arrest in central Florida in which Couey admitted to exposing himself to another young girl.

In his confession to Kissimmee police, Couey told investigators that prison would not cure his desires. He then asked for professional help.

Couey may have asked for help, but in recent years, he reportedly took jobs that gave him access to hundreds of children.

He worked construction at two Florida schools, most recently, the elementary school where Jessica was a third-grader.