Schiavo Update

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Terri Schiavo's father says she is weakening and, "down to her last hours."

Bob Schindler made his remarks this morning after visiting his daughter in her Pinellas Park hospice.

The latest appeal filed by Schiavo's parents is now in the hands of a federal appellate court in Atlanta. That came after a federal judge refused this morning to order the reinsertion of her feeding tube.

Doctors have said the 41-year-old Schiavo would probably die within a week or two of the tube being pulled.

Schiavo's feeding tube was removed a week ago on a state judge's order that agreed with her husband, who says she has NO hope for recovery and would not want to be kept alive artificially.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered his legal team to scour state laws for a way to reconnect Schiavo's feeding tube.