Animal Cruelty

Authorities describe the scene as unbelievable as they uncovered what they call the worst case of animal abuse in years.

News 4’s Mike Gurspan reports that a Dothan man is behind bars after pleading guilty to the animal cruelty.

Last month, Geneva County Sheriffs Deputies along with state agents received complaints from several nearby residents to Jeffrey Reynolds’ farm outside of Hartford.
They watched as horses, sheep, and goats being "starved" to death.

District Attorney Kirk Adams says such cruelty is taken very seriously.

Nearby resident Clayton Smith has adopted a horse, sheep and a bull from the defendant's farm. He was only too happy to nurse the animals back to health.

After seeing the police photos of the dead and dying animals, Judge Charles Fleming "ordered" that Reynolds serve jail time.

Reynolds is serving three-weeks for animal cruelty. The maximum penalty could have been up to six-months in jail