Appellate Court Denies Review

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The full federal appeals court in Atlanta has denied a request to consider reversing a three-judge panel's decision not re-insert the feeding tube of Terry Schiavo.

The parent's of the brain-damaged Florida woman asked the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for an emergency review of the an appellate panel's ruling that her feeding tube not be hooked up again.

The request for an "expedited rehearing" of the full Circuit Court was denied by a ten-to-two vote almost 13 hours after the three-judge panel had rejected Bob and Mary Schindler's earlier filing.

The parents also have vowed to take their fight to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Florida Legislature made another last-ditch effort today to pass a bill to intervene in the case.

Meanwhile, President Bush suggested that he and Congress had done their best to help the parents prolong Schiavo's life. The White House says it has no further legal options.

The parents have long battled their son-in-law over whether their daughter's feeding tube should be disconnected. State courts have sided with Michael Schiavo, who insists his wife told him she would never want to be kept alive artificially.