Disaster In Gordon

Utility crews worked through the night repairing downed power lines from yesterday's storm and all the roads in Houston County are now open.

The Gordon-Pansey Community was one of the worst hit areas by the twisters.

The disaster struck yesterday afternoon, hospitalizing four residents and injuring several others.

News 4’s Erika Kurre reports three families lost their homes.

Winds that started out as a thunderstorm quickly turned life-threatening, one resident off of Turnpike Road experienced that first-hand.

Gladys Chestnut says "We just thought we were going to blow away. I got up and got back in the middle of the hallway. It lasted maybe 15 minutes."

And within that short period of time, lives were changed.

But, grateful they still have their health, landowner Tommy Gadden and his family has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in farming equipment.

Gadden says "My farming partner called me and said he thinks my farm's been blown away. Then everyone starts calling in. It’s pretty much...everything's a total disaster."

His neighbor's homes are crushed with their personal items blown across their land.

When emergency officials arrived, they had to literally pull the victims out of their homes.

It will take quite a while for the community to recover.