Two High School Students Could Face Charges After Fight

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Two high school boys are out of school after being involved in an on-campus fight earlier this week.

Authorities say these fights are common amongst high school students.

However, this one is different because it was recorded by a student and was close to being put on You-Tube, raising the question "Are students getting into more fights for entertainment?"

Jacqueline Kelley has been principal at Carroll High for a year now and was surprised when Monday’s incident happened. "There were two young men that were assaulted by two other young men,” she said. “All [were] students of ours, all in the ninth grade."

Kelley says during a break on Monday, two students attacked two other students while another caught it on tape with his camera phone. "To my understanding, there had been some controversy outside of school, but nothing here on campus before," she added.

Deputy Chief Myron Williams says unfortunately, fights are common in schools, though some students may be lashing out for the chance to put it on the Internet. "With it being so popular, now that kids place their fights on places like You-tube, and so that everyone can see it."

Williams says incidents like these are unfortunate, seeing more kids like the ones on Monday endure serious injuries. "From what I understand, he sustained bruising of the face and the upper torso area of his body,” he added. “He may have been kicked several times."

Kelley says the school is taking the incident very seriously and taking the necessary steps in resolving the matter. "The boys that did the assaulting are not on campus, they’re not in school and we are taking very swift administrative action on this,” she concluded.

Williams says the two boys who assaulted the others could face misdemeanor and/or assault charges.

Kelley says she hopes to have all matters resolved by next week.

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