Governor's Race Recount Setback

Every Alabama county has finished certifying the results of Tuesday's election and the results show Republican Bob Riley with a 3,117-vote lead.

The final numbers reported by all 67 counties show Riley with 672,222 votes and Gov. Don Siegleman with 669,105 votes.

Siegelman supporters filed petitions in every county Friday seeking a recount. But plans for a statewide recount fizzled when Republican Attorney General Bill Pryor issued an advisory opinion against it. Pryor said state law doesn't allow ballots to be unsealed for the recount like Siegelman wants.

Siegelman's attorney, Joe Espy, accused Pryor of changing the law. He said Siegelman won't give up on getting a recount of Tuesday's election, but Siegelman has not decided what his next move will be.

But Riley was supportive of Pryor. Riley said he's going to do everything he can to make sure the will of the people is carried out.