Online University Military Degree Program

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Serving in combat may be a full time job, but some troops are using what free time they have to get a degree.

Since the creation of E-Army-U in 2001, Army soldiers serving in combat can get their degree while in the field, instead of waiting until they leave service.

"We don't want our soldiers to wait till they get out of the military to seek higher education. I think we know that it's more and more important that soldiers have that education while they're serving, so they can understand the complexities of the environment they're working in," says Colonel Promotable Walter Golden, Deputy Commanding General at Ft. Rucker.

One local university has recently teamed up with E-Army-U to offer a local diploma by studying abroad.

Troy has more than two dozen campuses on bases around the world.

And, while the university may be seen as rather small, it's actually competing internationally.

"Not only will it make for a better military; we train them and offer an educational experience while they're on active duty, but it will help them to go into the civilian world to be a success," says Troy University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.

And, that can make you an "Army of One".

According to Troy's website, the university is the second largest education provider in the E-Army-U program.