Lock Up Your Liquor

Each day, an estimated 13,000 children take their first alcoholic drink; it's a number that is too high and one local organization is doing there part to lower it.

The Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership is sponsoring Lock Up Your Liquor.

The campaign is designed to raise public awareness on how easy it is for teens to take alcohol from their homes.

Saturday, at Southside and Northside Wal-Mart stores, kids from the partnership’s youth group will be out handing out information and locks to symbolize the importance of keeping alcohol out away from minors.

Beth Ford, the H.C. Substance Abuse Outreach coordinator said, "When your children are small, you take them and you put up the child proof locks on your door, on your cabinets so your child can't get there. But you don't think about it when you're older because you just assume that they are going to be responsible."

And, for information and tips on how you can prevent underage alcohol consumption, you can call the Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership at 699-2813.