Family Murdered In Marianna

Investigators are looking for two men seen on a store videotape for questioning about a quadruple killing in a Marianna, Florida, apartment.

Law enforcement officials said they found the bodies of a mother and three children when they responded to a knocking sound. The sound came from a surviving toddler.

On a dreary, cold day in Marianna, there was a gruesome discovery in the Cottondale Village Apartment Complex. Four bodies were found: 19-year-old Athenia Daniel Baker, and her three sons, Amad, Amarion, and Aaron. None reached their fourth birthday.

The child making the noise was Daniel’s fourth child, two yearold Ashanti Bronson who came away without a scratch and is now with her father. Police still don't know why she was left alive.

Family members who live just a few doors down from the crime scene gathered all day to mourn four lives cut short. Daniele was studying to be a nurse.

Authorities say they are in the early stages of this investigation. If you know anything about what happened to Daniel Baker and her children call the Marianna Police Department at 850-526-3125.