Brain Damaged Woman

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There's a flurry of court and legislative activity from Florida to the nation's capital over a severely brain-damaged woman.

At issue is tomorrow's deadline, when a judge has ruled the Terri Schiavo's feeding tube can be removed.

In the Florida state house, debate has begun on a bill to keep the feeding tube in place. The state Senate will likely take up its own bill, but passage may not be possible before tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Schiavo's parents have filed an emergency motion at the U.S. Supreme Court. They want the feeding tube to stay, while lower courts look at possible violations of their daughter's religious freedom and due process rights.

And on Capitol Hill, the Senate will be taking up its own bill. The House has already passed a measure that would move the case to federal court.

A White House spokesman won't comment on the legislation, but says President Bush "stands on the side of defending life."