Dothan Police Investigation

The investigation into Dothan’s Police Department is now entirely in the hands of City Manager Mike West.

West was appointed by the city commission months ago to conduct his own inquiry, which he hasn't completed yet. Thursday, West and the committee agreed to continue the mission on his own.

It all started nearly a year ago, a former Dothan police captain claims he was forced to resign. Dothan’s personnel board investigates.

Then Chief John White and members of his department are accused of racism, pager cloning, and unauthorized credit checks on elected officials. But, a court ruled the board was overstepping its boundaries.

The board's appeal is pending, slowing the inquiry to a standstill. The committee felt something had to be done.

City Manager Mike West has been doing his own investigation since November and he wants it to be over as well.

So after some deliberating, the committee decided to let him bring closure.

A motion was made and seconded that all information that the personnel board has be turned over to West.

The investigation has cost taxpayers more than $112,000, yet nothing concrete has been found.

The supervisory committee is not dropping the appeal, but is willing to accept whatever the court rules.