Florida Brain Damaged Woman

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Terri Schiavo lies in a hospice bed and is dependent on Florida taxpayers and the institution's charity for her care.

Attorneys say the $1 million her and her husband Michael received in a medical malpractice case in 1993 is nearly gone.

That money has been spent on her care and the husband's legal quest over the past seven years to stop her artificial feedings so she can die.

Terri's parents accuse Michael Schiavo of wanting Terri dead so he could inherit what money is left from the malpractice award.

Michael Schiavo says his in-laws are upset that he refused to share with them part of the money.

Terri Schiavo lives among mentally ill patients at the Woodside Hospice which is part of a not-for-profit hospice network in Florida.

The state's Medicaid program for the needy has been paying for her medical costs for the past couple of years.