Courthouse Shooting Reward

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The 26-year-old single mother who led police to accused courthouse gunman Brian Nichols may be on her way to collecting more than one reward offered in the aftermath of a rampage that left a judge and three others dead.

Governor Sonny Perdue told reporters yesterday that Ashley Smith, "absolutely deserves" the ten-thousand dollars the state offered in the capture of Nichols.

Counting the state's officer, the total reward had reached $60,000.

A spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service, Norman Hylton, says his agency is working with the other contributors on a possible joint presentation to Smith. Hylton tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in today's editions, "We're ready to go."

The Marshals Office has offered $20,000.

The FBI has not said whether the agency thinks Smith should get the 25-thousand dollars it pledged. And the Georgia Sheriff's Association, which promised $5,000 is awaiting advice from Fulton County Sheriff Myron Freeman.

Smith led authorities to Nichols early Saturday and told them he had held her hostage for eight hours at her apartment in Gwinnett County.