Alabama Driver's License

If you've just moved to Alabama and need to get your license changed, it may not be as easy as you think.

Jeff Knox has lived in Alabama almost three years. Wanting to get settled in, he made a few visits to the state trooper's office to get a new Alabama driver's license, but all he got was frustrated. Because you stand in line and wait and wait and you find out that you don't have the right paper work

The right paperwork includes: a certified copy of your birth certificate, your social security card and an old driver's license.

State troopers tell News 4 the reason for so much paperwork is simple: 9/11 and identity theft.

People used to obtain drivers licenses by fraudulent methods, but the state of Alabama has cracked down on that tremendously since Sept. 11. Alabama is one of the leading states now in driver’s license fraud detection.

Many newcomers to the state might think they can get their driver's license at the probate judge's office. That’s not the case, they can only “renew” them there or take pictures for new ones.

The Alabama State Troopers office must give the clearance papers saying it is clear to get a driver's license from the state of Alabama.

Then those papers can be brought to the Houston County Administration Tower and a check through Montgomery before the driver's license is issued.

It may seem like a tedious process, but officials say it's all designed for your protection and safety.

By this summer, new rules will be implemented where everything will be done through the state trooper's office.