Infant Murder Update

The fall-out continues following the murder of a Florida infant who had recently moved to the Dothan area.

Earlier this month, two child welfare workers were fired and a third was demoted. Now, the head of the entire agency has resigned.

Four-month-old Phoenix Parrish received a pauper's burial just a couple of days before Christmas.

An autopsy revealed a skull fracture, two broken ribs and two broken wrists.

The baby's mother, Tierra Goble, is charged with capital murder.

She moved to Alabama from Tampa despite a Florida court order prohibiting contact with her child.

Hillsborough Kids, Incorporated handles foster care and adoption in Tampa.

The company's executive director, Chris Card, says he resigned voluntarily. But, his agency was also recently cited for failing to protect a Florida toddler who died in the same swimming pool where her sister died just two years earlier.